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                   Rhinoplasty is an operation which is called commanly “nose job”. Patients will require a rhinoplasty for either medical or cosmetic reason. Sometimes we observe  psychological problems in our patients. At that moment we advice them to go for a consultation to a psychologist before the rhinoplasty operation. Sometimes it takes a long time  or several sessions to solve the problem  inside you. At the end we do this job. The main thing is your health don’t forget this one. In this situation as same as in all surgeries it never makes you unhappy if you choose the right surgeon for yourself. This is the most important thing you must decide very carefully.How can you choose the right one? Which one is the best for you? Is it possible to explain what you really want from him or her? Ask these questions to yourself. If you find the answers of these questions than it means you will choose the right one.

                 The second step is the knowledge about a rhinoplasty operation. What do you know about the surgery which you want for yourself.Here are some of the details of this operations;

it will be performed under general anesthesia,the approximate time of the operation is around 2 hours,you will be required tos tay in the country which you will organise your operation for a total of 6 nights,the patient will stay overnight in the hospital after the operation.

                Moreover the surgeon who  tends to the operation will need to have all the knowledge ,expertise and hand skills to perform the precise rhinoplasty due to the complex anatomy a nose has.In the case of missing one of these key attributes there is an element of risk as the procedure can result in very distressing outcomes that are problematic to recover.

Your surgeon may need to modify the shape of cartilage or nasal bones in some cases.

For minor corrections,the surgeon may use cartilage taken from inside your nose. If you have a septum deviation or bigger turbinates,your surgeon will correct these problems too.

Now you know the main things about the rhinoplasty surgery.Have a good luck to choose your surgeon.


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