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Arm & Leg Stretching

Arms and tights are two individual parts of the body that store deposited fat, not with standing the patient undergoing rigorous amounts of exercises.These procedures can have a boosting effect on the woman’s self-confidence as they can showcase a shapely figure.

It’s possible to see sagging and cracks in the arms and legs especially after weight / gain loss in the arm and leg area , sagging as a result of decreased elasticity of the skin in advanced ages or due to genetic predisposition at earlier ages.

Lifts to the upper arm and inner thigh areas can be operated on concurently.The procedure is to remove excess skin and fat from those areas.

Arm and leg stretching surgery is an operation which must be performed in a full fledged hospital environment.

It will be performed under general anesthesia and the approximate time of the operation is around 3 hours for per of it.

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