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               Let’s imagine to have a surgery in a foreign country.Isn’t it sounds a little bit crazy.I can answer this question for you. ”No,it’s not.” But there  is one  point in here to decide it , if you choose the wright address for this situation like to deciding an aesthetic surgery in İstanbul.The second question is for which operations the patients are coming for.Mostly the people come and visit our country for rhinoplasty , liposuction , mommy makeover , tummy tuck , arm stretching , leg stretching , fat injection , gynecomasty , gynecology , breast operations like ; breast augmentation , breast reduction , breast lifting etc.These are the most common operations which are making in İstanbul.

             When you have your first contact with us,you will receive a consultation from our surgeon Op.Dr.Eser AYDOĞDU.The consultation outcome will be shared with you and we apply strict rules of patient privacy and policies to reach the highest standards.The operation will take place at a internationally accredited hospital which is called Acıbadem Hospital in a very close location to our clinic.We prefer to make our aesthetic surgeries in İstanbul in this address.Our team is organising everything else for you step by step with in very detailed way from airport to airport.

            You will be greeted at the airport and warming welcome will last throughout your entire stay.Entering a new country can make you feel alone but it will be our team’s job to help in any way possible , to make process a lot smooter.Every surgery has its risks like the other types of operations and also the plastic and reconstructive surgeries carries risks too.Let’s talk about some of them ; for example infection ,  skin scars , including bleeding and unfavorable results that may need more procedures.

        The recovery time for plastic surgeries can depends on the type of  procedure and can be from several days to several weeks.It is very important to talk about the potential risks and benefits of a qualified plastic surgeon before deciding to undergo surgery.

       The most important thing is to trust your surgeon from begining to the end. To decide an aesthetic surgery in İstanbul sounds good cause all our plan is to make your organization safety,comfortable and also flawless.

      In my opinion now you can easyly decide to do this aesthetic surgery in İstanbul.These are the mostly unknowns about the plastic surgery world.

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